Thursday, December 9, 2010

Inspired by Heidi

So my friend Heidi says I need my own blog so I can post things such as what is to follow. It was a comment I made on her blog. Apparently she did not know that I already have a blog - I just don't use it for much, other than entereing giveaways and some random thoughts.
here is a c&p from the comment I made on her blog about book boxes -

ok, so apparently you cannot c&p from a blog comment. hmm, unless I am doing somethign wrong. So here it is re-typed -

Now I feel bad, as I'm not sure if we are having a book box this year - I am so behind on my shopping. I have not done as much shopping for the last year, so I have not found the deals that I usually do. Plus the kids have so many books and I am unsure of which ones to buy. But, alas, I am sure I can get them to make me a list and I will be at B & N and Family Christian bookstore buying the week before CVhristmas so I can keep this fun family activity going.
Oh, for those who like this idea, I also do something similar with clothing and movies.

It all came from a shortage of tiem one Christmas eve- wrap 7x3=21 more gifts, or put them in one box, wrap it and let them 'guess' whose 'clothes, books, movies' is whose.

We spread out the opening of gifts like this-
-when the kids wake up they can open their stockings (but the yusually wait for all to be up)
-then we eat breakfast (usually a fun cereal that Santa left) and cin rolls/fruit
-then we open Santa gifts
-get ready and go to Church
-when we get home, we either have brunch or open gifts to each other
-in the afternoon we do the book or movie box and in the evening we do the other, or sometimes save it for another day
-the clothes box gets opened the night before (if it contains pjs); before church (if it has church clothes) or sometimes later

I have found that spreading the gift opening out really makes the kids appreciate the gifs more, makes them realize who they are from (Santa vs mom/dad, sibling, g-ma) and also makes all that hard work done in the months, (this year I mean days) before take a little longer to be done.

ok, heidi, there I made a post just for you!

Monday, December 6, 2010

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